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Sports Interview – Louise Hosking

sports interview . Louise Hosking Next up in the sports skydivers interview series we caught up with one of our Manifest ladies, Louise. She’s been quietly crushing goals behind the scenes, so it was great timing for Cherry to nominate her to be next up on the interview list. This is Lou’s story and what […]

Precision Canopy Course

. another extensive canopy course! We were extremely fortunate to have Simon Colmer return back to us in SA to share his wisdom on canopy piloting. The course consisted of 12 students eager to progress with their own personal skills under their wing. The group was an even split of those looking to progress with […]

Sports Interview – Charith Reddy

sports Interview . charith reddy We caught up with a local jump pig and big time frother Cherry to see what he’s been up to and hear about his skydiving journey. This is what he had to say! LEARN ABOUT CHERRY . Why did you get into skydiving? I always wanted to go solo skydiving […]

2023 State Skydiving Championships

2023 state championships mateship, banter and medals! The 2023 SA Skydiving Championships, also known as the state meet, were a big success. Competition skydiving has not be massive in South Australia over the last few years, so this years’ competition was all about getting involved, learning, having a heap of fun and walking away with […]

September AFF Camp Article

september Aff camp . 8 new students! The purpose of our AFF Camp style is maximum progression with the aim of completing your solo skydiving course in a short duration and our recent September Camp was exactly that! We kicked off the Ground School on Wednesday with 8 new students looking to start their skydiving […]

Angles Skills Camp with iFLY Downunder & Burn

angles skills camp . event article Closing off the last weekend with the beautiful Beaver aircraft, we hosted our Angles Skills camp. We was fortunate to gain access to two extremely talented flyers to come over and share their knowledge with our local South Australian sports skydivers. We had Amy Jamieson sent over from iFLY […]

Mini Bigways with Kristina Hicks

mini bigways . event article To kickstart our Beaver action we invited Kristina Hicks to introduse SA jumpers to some 10 way FS formations. The stoke levels were high, crests attained and Jack still very much confused! (Watch the edit) Massive thanks to the SASPC & SAPC for their continued support with sports skydiving in […]

Skydive Goolwa | Sunday 17th September

Galleries Skydive Goolwa A collection of images, photos and good times of tandem skydives and skydiving adventures over Goolwa, Adelaide, South Australia. INFO & BOOKING GIFT VOUCHERS

Skydive Regional

Welcome to Skydive Regional. For all locations – click here   5pm Sunday It’s currently 15 degrees outside, as we sit at a cruising altitude of 8,000ft, approximately 100 nautical miles South West of Broken Hill. There are 4 of us on board, Natalia, our incredible manifest, Alex, behind the cockpit controls, Zack and myself, […]


galleries A collection of images, photos and good times of tandem skydives and skydiving adventures over Langhorne Creek, Adelaide, South Australia.  Find your date below to explore the fun and adrenaline! Date format yymmdd INFO & BOOKINGS GIFT VOUCHERS All 230723 INFO & BOOKINGS GIFT VOUCHERS