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Event Summary

Kristina Hicks, Rel Coach we know you all love is coming back to SA to share more of her knowledge to all the belly flying lovers out there.

We will be running a 2 way scrambles comp for everyone to enter with Kristina ground coaching & judging each round.

For those looking to progress further with their Rel skills, Kristina will be running her amazing 6 way skills camp over the weekend, catering to 2 groups. 1 group for beginner flyers and another for those wanting to set record breaking points.

Registration and event details can be found below.

The Details

2-way scrambles


Want to be the best 2way belly flyers in SA??? Want to work on your camera skills? Have your A-licence and want to do some more jumps? 
Enter yourself in and get randomly paried up with another jumper and camera flier to form your team for Aussie Day Celebrations! 
Minimum B-Rel 4 + DZSO approval to enter yourself in!
The Plan
3 jumps – a draw will be given and judged onsite
Receive top tier ground coaching from world record holder Kristina Hicks. Invaluable information and guidance.
Cost // $20pp plus your own jumps
Camera fliers to cover their own slot

rw skills weekend


The Plan
2 groups – Split based on skill level
Minimum of 4 jumps per day, developing relative work skills  on exits, approaches and working the jump, as well importance in track off and canopy awareness. 
All participants will be given individual focused footage from each jump –  a 360 camera will be used.
I am looking forward to building up strong RW flyers in SA and creating some amazing jumps with you!
Cost // $150 Registration plus your own jumps