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SA Skydiving

SA Skydiving is the home of skydiving in Adelaide, South Australia. We tandem skydive over multiple stunning locations all year round. We also deliver solo skydiving courses as Adelaide’ premier skydiving school.

We are proud to be an Adelaide locally owned family business since 1989.

Our team invites you to our playground, feel the rush of freefall and the serenity of flying a parachute. Words don’t do it justice. 

Experience skydiving through:

Tandem skydiving. Almost anyone can experience a tandem skydive. Choose from multiple locations including beach / ocean views, wineries, racetracks or our custom built home Dropzone – Langhorne Creek.

Solo Skydiving. Learn to solo skydive with our AFF course and join our world, full of adventure, learning and community. You’ll make friends for life.

Sports Skydiving. Our community opens the sky playground 5 days a week.

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