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display skydiving


Take your event
to the next level

SA Skydiving’s professional display team will take your event to the next level.

Our team deliver professional, exciting and safe displays. We are backed by the Australian Parachuter Federation, 35 years of experience and comprehensive risk analysis and safety plans.

Our range of display offerings add exciting opportunities for your events entertainment, marketing and sponsor branding.

Check out the range of display options in the PDF.

Sports  //  Flags  //  Tandem

the core Team

Greg Smith


With over 45 years of skydiving experience, Miff is one of Australia’s most experienced and qualified skydivers. He brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to the team.



Teags leads our Display Team, with 10 years experience and over 3200 skydives.

With a history in hospitality and events prior to skydiving, he understands the opportunities and considerations for event organisers.

Teags will be your primary contact.

Teags’ primary role is to ensure flawless execution.

He also trains skydivers to develop their skills and make their way onto the display team.



Zack has made a large impact on the world of skydiving since starting in 2016. He’s a sponsored canopy pilot, runs his own canopy training brand and his own media company, Zack Rosser Media.

Zack captures the shot, every time, producing high quality video and photography content.

Zack is also the flying force behind everything High Performance, including our Display Swooping team.


sports displays

Top Left: Zack Rosser flying a sports canopy with smoke

Top Right: Display team members after a successful display into the Shell V-Power Motorsport Park

Whats included

A sports display includes our display team providing a number of solo sports skydivers to skydive into your event. They fly sports parachutes, some of which demonstrate professional high performance landings.


This adds an exciting element to any event, with parachutes flying overhead the event for 3-5 minutes before coming in to land.


We provide you with copies of all photo and video media captured.

the cost

Sports Display: $400

Added smoke and flares: +$100

There may be additional travel costs depending on the location of the display.

Above: Ground team with flares to indicate wind direction and create added visuals

Flag displays

whats included

A Flag display is an incredible and unique way of showcasing your brand or the brand of a major sponsor. Flags are generally around 2000sq ft.

With 5-7 minutes flying time, Flag Displays demand the attention of an entire event.
Partner the display with an MC for more powerful delivery. We can provide an MC or script.

Camera fliers are included and we provide you with copies of all photo and video media captured.

Flags are Australian made in QLD by Benson Skydive Displays.

the cost

Flag Production: $5000

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

Flag Displays: $2500 per jump

$500 non-refundable deposit, $2000 balance on delivery.

There may be additional travel costs depending on the location of the display.

Flag options


You can custom design your flag, with almost any logo, text or colour scheme.


  • SA Skydiving
  • Australia Flag

tandem displays

Skydiving Deals and Specials
Skydive the Bend

whats included

Tandem Displays add another level of excitement and marketing opportunity to your event.

We can deliver a full day of skydiving, or a one off display into your event.

For a one off display, we can bring in a tandem on the same plane as a sports or flag display. A display skydive makes a fantastic prize for a competition or a VIP experience for an event sponsor, organiser or artist.

For full day operations, we can provide everything including an online booking platform.

the cost

Day of skydiving: Event dependent – please enquire to discuss

Display Tandem: $1000 per person, includes photos and video

Conditions: Min 16 years, Max 100kgs

There may be additional travel costs depending on the location of the display.


display requirements

– Landowner Approval for us to land

– Clear Landing area for approximately 10 minutes.

Landing areas can be very small. SA Skydiving Display team will complete an analysis and risk assessment of the landing area to ensure its suitability.

risk & Insurances

Our Display team are highly-trained professionals.

We will assess each project, landing area and event and develop a Risk Management Plan. We only complete skydives in suitable weather conditions.

We are a member of and legally represented by Australian Parachute Federation.

SA Skydiving holds 20 million public liability insurance.