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training resources

Welcome, lets hit the training books!

Here at SA Skydiving our passion for educating is sky high.

You can find a heap of information on different skydiving topics as well as how to information for your A licence, B Licence and downsizing.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email admin@saskydiving.com.au and we’ll add it to the list of content to create.


Apf training videos

skydiving magazines

apply for your a license

So you’re ready to get your A license, or are you?

Have you:

– Completed your AFF solo Course
– Achieved 10 signed accuracies within 30m of a target
– Completed the APF Online Exam


1. Contact Teags on 0412114475 to have the exam responses emailed back to you and anything you got wrong explained.

2. Take a photo of your applicable accuracies and text them to Miff – 0418845900

3. Click this link and apply online for your A licence

4. Ring that bell, put on a carton, come and skydive with your mates!


You’re taking the next steps in your flying journey!

Have you:

– Read the B-Rel Guide and understood the free fall requirements
– Set aside focus to develop your canopy skills
– Worked on your accuracies required for your B License


Ensure you have become a member of the South Australian Sports Parachute Club. Once you’re a member, you’ll be eligible for cash rebate of $25 per completed B-Rel Stage.

Rebate is only granted for stages you complete after you become a member, so make sure you sign up before you start your B-Rels to take full advantage of the rebate.

video briefings

first jump on a new canopy

Click HERE for the video brief

jumping with a camera

Click HERE for the video brief

visting a new dropzone

Visiting a new dropzone is super exciting – new people, new scenery, new aircraft, new adventure!
You can get the most out of your visit by being well prepared and saving on administration on arrival. 
Here’s a list of things you can and should do prior to arriving at a new dropzone.

1. Logbook

Have your logbook, filled out, up to date and signed. You should have every jump signed up until you hold a Certificate B. You should also have signatures in your logbook for things like being cleared to pack, being cleared for group sizes, for following angles, for leading angles, etc.

2. Call ahead to check the following

  • The dropzone is open and operating
  • The dropzone takes sports jumpers with your experience
  • The dropzone has equipment for hire, if you need it
  • Is there a community you can access prior to arrival, such as a facebook group.

3. Membership & Waiver

  • Video tutorial – https://youtu.be/GPbPEKfXo7M
  • Ensure your APF membership is up to date. 
  • Log into your APF portal (www.apf.com.au) and sign the online waiver for the dropzone you’re visiting. Tip: screenshot it for easy access if manifest ask you. This will save you plenty of time on the day.
  • Download the APF app for easy access to credentials on your phone.

4. Equipment
If you require gear hire, ensure the dropzone has the equipment you need.

If you have your own gear – ensure your reserve is in date and you have both reserve card and compatibility form.
Ensure you have labelled and named your own equipment.

5. Have a look at the dropzone’s website and an overhead map to familiarise yourself with the location.

6. Go with an open mind, be open to instruction, guidance and new information.