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Video & photo options

Skydiving Video and Photos – yep, trust us, you’re going to want them. Capture your skydive forever with a range of video and photo options. We use top of the range GoPro cameras to ensure top quality.

With same day delivery, we will deliver your videos and photos via email as quick as we can – we know you’ll be excited to relive it and to show your friends and your poor mother (Sorry mum). You can even choose to wait after your jump to have your video and photos put onto a USB for you to take with you.

Example videos – check our YouTube Channel

Example photos – check our Facebook Albums

Unfortunately, due to rules set out by the APF, you’re not permitted to take your own GoPro of phone cameras on a skydive. 


Package includes:

Choose between Base Video or Base Photos.

Base Video

Capture your entire skydiving experience, professionally edited and emailed to you. You can even choose from a selection of songs

Base Photo

Receive 200-300 still photos from your skydiving experience.

Both options are captured on the latest GoPro cameras from your instructors wrist.


Video Packages



package includes:

Our Advanced Video and Photo package is our most popular and best value package.

It bundles together both Base Packages, giving you a professionally edited video AND photos of your entire skydive experience.

Our Advanced Package is filmed from your Instructors wrist using the latest GoPro cameras.




package includes:

Out outside video package scores you your own videographer – a professional skydiver who skydives with you and captures your skydive from an outside perspective. 

This is also a very exciting visual for you, seeing another person in freefall right in front of you!

Once your parachute opens, your videographer will continue in freefall – you may even see their parachute opening below you. They’ll be on the ground to capture your landing.

Please not the Outside package does not capture you under parachute. If photos under parachute are your jam, be sure to go for the Advanced or Deluxe package.




package includes:

Our Deluxe Video Package really captures it all! 

Get everything in our Advanced Video Package and our Outside Video package, all bundled in together!

A must for those special gifts like Birthdays or special occasions like Proposals.