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special case skydives


Special case skydives

We believe that anyone should have the opportunity to experience the magic of skydiving. 

We have highly trained staff and a custom designed mobility harness that keeps the door open to some who may have thought skydiving impossible for them.

If you have a medical condition, a disability, or believe there are other factors that may stop you from skydiving, please get in touch to see how we may be able to help.

Case Study: Jimmy jan

Jimmy Jan, a young Aussie medicine student making the most of life after a skiing accident left him a paraplegic.

Jimmy had done a skydive as an able-bodied man and he didn’t let being in a wheelchair get in the way of his dream of skydiving again.

Our custom mobility harness and dedicated trained instructors enabled us to take Jimmy for another skydive, assisting his legs into positions for exit, freefall and landing.

Onya Jimmy.

Case Study: Irene o'shea

Irene O’Shea is an inspiring woman, living her life to the fullest with incredible humility. Irene completed her first skydive with SA Skydiving for her 100th birthday in 2016.

She then returned for skydive #2 in 2017, and again for skydive #3 in 2018.

The latest effort would land Irene safely on the ground, and firmly into the World Record books as the oldest female skydiver in the World.

On top of this, it was all for charity, raising tens of thousands of dollars for MNDSA.