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Off Season special

Grab a mate and take advantage of this crazy deal

9,000ft for just $222 per person


  • Minimum 2 people
  •  Must jump in June / July / August at Langhorne Creek
  • APF Membership not included (+$31.50)
  • New bookings only
  • Not valid with any other offer

* Video and photo options not included, may be added on the day

Skydiving Deals and Specials




video packages

At SA Skydiving we use the top of the range GoPro cameras, capturing your experience in the highest quality possible.

We pride ourselves in delivering our customers video & photo package same day as their skydive, via email.

Choice of Video or Photos

– Our most popular package
Both Video & Photos

Outside Video & Photos from the view of your personal camera flyer

Receive Advanced Package Plus:
– Outside Video & Photos from your personal camera flyer

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Our Facilities

We’re a family ran business who love and welcome friends and family to our home. Kids playground, basketball court and open grass areas making it the ultimate children’s playground for families to visit and spectate our skydiving operations. For group bookings we have shared BBQ facilities and picnic table areas perfect for throwing birthday parties or for celebrating when you touch down from your skydive.

Play Video

Lisenced Bar
& Cafe

Enjoy a range of delicious snacks, beverages, barista coffee and sharing platters from our on site cafe.

Chocolates and goodies from local Chocolatier Red Cacao

Beers from Local Brewery Shifty Lizard

You can also enjoy a range of drinks from the bar including soft drinks, beers, ciders, spirits and local wine from Langhorne Creek Winery Bremerton.

directions to us

Airfield Location – 151 Skeldon Road, Wellington, SA, 5259

Contact Number – (08) 8272 7888

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9,000ft tandem skydive

– Up to 25 seconds of freefall

– 5 minute parachute ride, we’ll let you fly the parachute! (weather permitting)

– If you’ve purchased a video package, expect to receive the final product the same day as your completed skydive.

– Receive a personalised certificate upon completing your skydive

– Includes Personal Accident Insurance from the Australian Parachute Federation

Frequently asked questions

Where's the best place to skydive in Adelaide, South Australia?

We offer 4 fantastic skydive locations, each with their own unique character.

  1. Langhorne Creek

Our home dropzone, where you’ll have fantastic view of the Murray River and Lake Alexandrina.

Complete with skydiving school, you’ll probably share the plane with some skydiving students or some licenced jumpers, maybe even some wingsuiters.

Facilities include air-conditioned club house, cafe, bar, playground, bbq and much much more!

We even have accommodation on site.

2. Goolwa

Flying out of Goolwa Airport, you’l indulge in stunning ocean views over Goolwa, Middleton, Port Elliot & Horseshoe Bay. Clear days you can even see Kangaroo Island! 

3. Skydive the Bend

The ultimate experience for those who like to go FAST.

Freefall over the track at 220kph, landing inside the Bend Motorsport Park. Then swan harness for helmet and jump into a V8 Mustang to experience 220kph during some passenger hotlaps.

4. Skydive Bremerton Wines

Flying out of our Langhorne Creek dropzone, freefall over the vineyards of Langhorne Creek, landing at Bremerton Wines. Head into the newly renovated cellar door for an included wine tasting. Why not book for lunch and enjoy their menu of locally sourced dishes (we recommend the pizzas!).

When is the best time to book a skydive?

We are super lucky here in Australia, we can skydive all year round!

Summer is great for those long blue sky days and jumping in t-shirts!

Winter is great for crystal clear views and nice stable wind conditions – just dress for success.

We recommend, regardless of which season you book in, to book early morning for more stable weather conditions. Or go for a sunset skydive – our favourite. 

How much does it cost to go skydiving?

There are a range of heights, video packages and locations to choose from.

Prices start from $319. We do also run seasonal specials.

You can also save $100 on your first booking through our Jump Club.

If you have a group, also check out our amazing group deals.

What clothing should I wear for my Tandem Skydive?

We advise wearing comfortable clothing.

  • Lace up or tight fitting flat soled shoes
    • no thongs
    • no boots, particularly steel caps or hook laces
  • always bring an extra layer just in case.

In winter we recommend long pants and layers such as jumpers and jackets. We’ll provide you gloves.

In summer, anything comfortable.

Ladies keep in mind low cut tops can sometimes be less than idea at high freefall speeds, depending on how modest (or not) you wish to be.

We also love a good costume –  Superman, Wonder Woman or Borat all make for  good laugh!

What is the minimum age (age limit) to go skydiving?

As per the Australian Parachute Regulations the minimum age to go both solo and tandem skydiving is 16, which is awesome!

The only thing we’ll need is parental or guardian permission for those who are under 18 years of age.

Is there a maximum weight limit or a maximum height?

Skydiving equipment is designed up to a maximum weight loading.

With this in mind we have a maximum weight limit of 110kg.

Increasing combined weight under a parachute (instructor + passenger) increases the Wing Loading. A higher wing loading increases parachute performance, lots of fun flying around in the sky, but also increases risk factors on landing.

Higher wing loading tandems require a more experienced instructor and suitable wind and weather conditions. They also increase fuel burn.

As such, passenger weights over 90kgs attract a surcharge.

  • 90 Kg to 95 Kg = $25
  • 95 Kg to 100 Kg = $45
  • 100-110 Kg = $70

What if the weather is bad?

Weather is one element we cannot control, else we would 100% make sure it was blue skies and nil wind 24/7!

Regarding weather we have 2 main considerations 

  1. Safety
  2. The quality of your experience

We use a collection of weather forecasts to best predict what the weather may do on your jumping day, however a forecast is just a forecast.

We will assess actual conditions on the morning of each day and update you via text. If you haven’t received this text before looking to leave home, give us a call on 0412114475.

If skydives are unable to be completed due to weather, we reschedule for a time convenient for you.

Those with booking insurance can opt to have their deposits returned if they are unable to reschedule another date.

Can I change the date and time of my skydive?

Yes absolutely you can.

With at least 48 hours notice, you have full flexibility to change the date, time or location of your skydive.

Any rescheduling or cancelling within 48 hours of your skydive will incur a $150 fee.

If you change your mind on the day or don’t arrive for your skydive, all payments or vouchers are considered redeemed with no refunds available. 

If you want even greater flexibility, check out our booking insurance.

What is booking insurance?

Bookings made without booking insurance are strictly non-refundable. 

Those made with bookings insurance may :

  • cancel, reschedule or request refund, for any reason, up to 5pm the day before the skydive booking. 
  • If in the case of a skydive unable to proceed due to weather or other reasons, choose, after the reschedule, to have their deposit or payment refunded if they don’t wish to or are unable to reschedule.

Booking insurance is not applicable on the day of your skydive and does not cover, no shows, late arrivals or on the day cancellations.

When do I receive my video package?

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality media package AND delivering your package on the same day as your jump!

That’s right, skydive during the day and then have your video in time to show your mates and family over a celebratory beer that evening.

Can I bring my own GoPro on a Skydive?

We’d love you to capture every moment of fear, excitement and fun, however this rule is not ours

The APF Operational Regulation 9.7.2 state ‘a parachutist must not carry a camera during a descent unless the parachutist holds at least a Certificate Class C’.

Which means – no you can’t. You need to have at least 100 skydives to take a camera with you on your skydive. Of course, you can choose from our range of video packages and our expert instructors can capture the experience for you.

Bonus trivia – our Tandem Instructors also fall under a similar rule, needing to complete their first 100 tandem skydives without a camera –  to ensure their focus on your safety stays number priority.

Who's the coolest Instructor at SA Skydiving?

We are so lucky to have Phoenix on deck in our crew. His hard work and determination to customer satisfaction is pawless.

Check out Phoenix’s profile HERE

What are my payment options?

We accept the following payment methods

  • Cash
    • if you’d like to pay entirely cash on the day, you absolutely can, we’ll just need a credit card to hold against the booking. This is only charged in the case you don’t arrive on the day.
  • bank transfer
    • SA Skydiving Ops
      BSB 015665
      ACC 294028673
  • all cards (except Amex)
    • please note all cards attract a 2% surcharge
  • ZipPay
    • must be done over the phone
    • please note a 2.7% surcharge

Can I wear contacts or prescription glasses?

Yes absolutely. We have 2 sizes of goggles available, designed to fit over prescription glasses. Please note some very large framed glasses may not be suitable.

You can also opt for a full face helmet with a visor if you’d prefer not to wear goggles. 

What time do I need to arrive?

Your booked time is your arrival time. You don’t need to arrive any earlier,  however please don’t be late. The plane may not wait for you and you may miss your slot!

How many people can jump at the same time?

Our Cessna 206 aircraft can carry 6 people plus a pilot. 
So that’s 3 tandem jumpers and 3 instructors at a time.

Such an incredible experience to share together!

How long does a skydive take?

Typical experience time from arrival to departure is 2 – 2.5 hours.

However, there are multiple things that can affect a skydiving operation including weather, air traffic, safety measures and general logistics involved with throwing people from the sky, as such we require you to allow a minimum 4 hour window.
To avoid clashing plans on the day, we recommend not to have any time restraints. 

What can I do if I'm feeling very nervous or scared?

Hey, we’re right here with you!

Skydiving can be scary and it definitely gets the nerves and adrenaline going – that’s half of why we do it!

Here are our 5 top tips if you’re nervous or scared

  1. Bring a friend (or 2) to jump with – it’s always easier having friends to support you.
  2. Breathe! When we get nervous, we often stop breathing properly. Talk yourself through some slow deep breaths – works wonders
  3. Talk to us. Our staff are all very experienced and amazing at understanding your feeling and emotions and guiding you through the experience.
  4. Remember that on the other side of fear is freedom.
  5. Think of that sense of accomplishment once you’ve experienced the rush of freefall and the serenity of cruising under a parachute. Trust us, we bet once you land, you’ll just want to go straight back up!

What happens if the parachute fails?

We use top of the range skydiving equipment, malfunctions are very rare. However, in the case that there is an issue with your parachute, your instructor is highly trained to deal with the situation.

Every skydiving rig has 2 parachutes, a main and a reserve, so we can, if needed, release the main and deploy the reserve. 

The rigs also have an AAD, automatic activation device, which will deploy the reserve parachute, in the case your instructor is unable to. Nifty huh.

Do I need insurance?

A personal accident insurance is included with your membership to the Australian Parachute Federation. Details can be found while filling in the form.

Can I skydive with a medical condition / disability?

We are passionate about sharing the sky, however there are considerations to ensure that safety always comes first. All skydives are assessed on the day by our Dropzone Safety Officer. Even with medical clearance, we may deem a skydive too risky to complete. 

If you have questions – please call the office on 0412114475 to discuss.

You must disclose any previous injuries.

We have a mobility harness that can assist cases with limited mobility. We have skydived people over the age of 100 and those with paraplegia, however each case is individual.

We will require a medical clearance stating “there is no medical reason that should exclude you from skydiving” for the following cases.

  • epilepsy
  • heart conditions
  • disabilities restricting movement

We may also request a medical clearance if you are over 65 years old.

If you’re pregnant, we thank you for bringing another future skydiver into the World, however their training does not start in the womb, you’ll need to wait until you’re not pregnant to go skydiving.