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mini bigways


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To kickstart our Beaver action we invited Kristina Hicks to introduse SA jumpers to some 10 way FS formations. The stoke levels were high, crests attained and Jack still very much confused! (Watch the edit)

Massive thanks to the SASPC & SAPC for their continued support with sports skydiving in South Australia.

Photo Credit – Iris Xue
Video Edit – Simon Generowicz

The weekend saw 14 skydivers rise to the challenge of 10ways, also referred to as Mini bigways, with many never completing more than a 4way formation to date. The enthusiasm was high and keenness to jump out of the beaver for the first time. Our coffee jump planned was a snowflake formation saw everyone experience firsthand of approaching on radials and seeing what it’s like to manage tracking and a few more canopies than usual in the sky.

The next formation was a collection of stairstep diamonds, with the plan to open out into cats, not an easy formation to build as seen by the group, but lots of smiles and laughs. Saturday saw us finish with attempting an arrow wedge.

Sunday morning, bright and early eager beavers we went up to do some basic starcrest jumps and saw many skydivers achieving this goal. Successful starcrest jumps for Jack, Iris, Abi, Ryan and the completion of their starcrests Mitchell, Michael and Charith. Well done! We had a momentary wind hold but ended the day with Abi’s 100th jump! She got to be the head of the arrow whilst the coach had the last diver slot with a 5 second delay – congrats agin on 100 jumps Abi.

Every time I come back to SA, I love seeing the progression of everyone’s flying skills, the confidence growing and this evident in all the flyers. But most of all I feel like I cam coming home to some of my favourite people and sky family. Thank you to SA Skydiving for having again and I look forward to many more event in the future.

Bigways for Days

Kristina xo

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