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2023 state championships

mateship, banter and medals!

The 2023 SA Skydiving Championships, also known as the state meet, were a big success. Competition skydiving has not be massive in South Australia over the last few years, so this years’ competition was all about getting involved, learning, having a heap of fun and walking away with a medal.


Sandy Nieuwenhoven did a sterling job as Competition Judge, as well as competing in her 4 way AA team, the Bruise Brothers. Massive thanks Sandy!


There was a brilliant atmosphere of comeradery and support, with teams giving their competitors tips, tricks and advice to help get the most out of their jumps. Fear not, the support came with a healthy amount of competitive banter too!

new and experienced teams

Competitions entrants

Wingsuit Performance

  • Mike X (in his onesie like a boss)

FS 4 way AA

  • Bruise Brothers
    • Sandy Nieurwenhoven
    • Thomas Waterhouse
    • Cullen Habel
    • Zac Rivett
    • Kosta Andrellos  (camera)
  • Non Pensioners
    • Ariel White
    • Sam Carey
    • Zack Rosser
    • Matt Teager
    • Ronnie Mulani (Camera)

FS 2 way Blast

  • Phoenix
    • Matt Teager
    • Natalia Bordin
    • Ronnie Mulani (Camera)
  • LouYviTon
    • Louise Hosking
    • Yvonne Ullmer
    • Iris Xue (camera)
  • Red Skies
    • Cherry Reddy
    • Adrian Ferguson
    • Kosta Andrellos (camera)

CRW 2 way

  • Line Burns
    • Tommaso Liccioli Watson
    • Martin Letch
    • Matt Muth (camera)
  • Just for the Jersey
    • Allan Gray
    • Sam Carey
    • Ariel White (camera)


Wingsuit Performance

  • GOLD Mike X McClane

FS 4 way AA

  • GOLD – Bruise Brother
  • SILVER – Non Pensioners

FS 2 way Blast

  • GOLD – Red Skies
  • SILVER – Phoenix
  • BRONZE – LouYviTon

CRW 2 way

  • GOLD – Line Burns
  • SILVER – Just for the Jersey

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