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charith reddy

We caught up with a local jump pig and big time frother Cherry to see what he’s been up to and hear about his skydiving journey. This is what he had to say!


Why did you get into skydiving?

I always wanted to go solo skydiving since I was a kid but took that one big step at a point in my life where nothing was working out for me. Glad I took this decision, found a great group of friends in this sport.

What was your favourite AFF Stage?

Would have to be easily stage 7 solo dive exit out of the plane and barell rolls 😂

Have you ever had a skydiving malfunction?

Not yet! The level of skydiving safety within my solo skydiving course was at an extremely high level, giving me the confidence  needed to handle any malfunction with the amount and quality of training I have received from my instructors. 

What has been your favourite skydiving memory?

Mmm….tough to pick one but one that comes to mind would be the wingsuit rodeo I have done with wordo is one of my best experiences!

Whats your skydiving goals?

I want to be an instructor just like my peers who taught me, teaching people how to fly!!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Being of part of SA Skydiving Team and teaching at least 100 people how to skydive solo. Id also love to be a wingsuiter and! tandem master

If you could give any advice to yourself when you started skydiving, what would it be?

“Don’t be scared, it’s not tough as it looks” “Let go off the plane😆

Who should we interview next?

Definitely Lou!

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