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another extensive canopy course!

We were extremely fortunate to have Simon Colmer return back to us in SA to share his wisdom on canopy piloting.

The course consisted of 12 students eager to progress with their own personal skills under their wing. The group was an even split of those looking to progress with their high performance landings and those looking to finesse the basic fundamentals of canopy flight.

Massive thanks to the SAPC & SA Parachute Club for their continued support with  sports skydiving in South Australia.

Simon is very experienced with a wealth of knowledge & expertise. He delivers a unique style of training tailored to each person & has a great way of answering questions which focuses on passing on an understanding not just a basic one line response.

Simon Generowizc

Very professional set up with all the tools and knowledge to make briefing and debriefing seamless. It’s great Simon individualises the course for each participant to maximise improvements in their piloting.

Bria Smith

Absolutely fantastic coaching by Simon, would recommend every skydiver to do a canopy course, extremely beneficial for the sport.

Ronnie Mulani

Simon was able to give me guidance and mentorship through the transition onto my new canopy, which was extremely beneficial. The professionalism in his debriefing and tools are at a high level and have only ever seen on a Nexus camp. I am extremely happy with the progression I made to becoming a more precise canopy pilot.

Zack Rosser

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